Recent Work

  • Verizon Wireless

    I lead a team of amazing developers on this on-going project, offering support to the Verizon internal IT team across Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. Constantly being featured in industry articles, tasks include front-end and back-end solutions built in .NET, AEM, CQ5, and a plethora of front-end libraries.

    We also developed sites for each Connection Day (the day before Thanksgiving), and using an elaborate architecture and asset delivery structure, we set new records for performance and capabilities.

  • Food Lion

    My team inherited the Food Lion project from another agency, and we were tasked with bug fixing, code cleanup, and enhancements throughout the front-end and back-end. Built in Adobe Experience Manager 6.1, we leveraged it's capabilities to enhance the design and flow to deliver the best possible experience for end users.

  • AT&T

    I managed a collection of subdomains and microsites. Built in Expression Engine, this allowed me to create a very fast and flexible architecture.

    Probably one of my most noteworthy achievments was building "Footprint". Footprint is a tracking system that allowed content marketers to see a very granular statistics, down to a heatmap of user interaction. This allowed the team to target and predict exactly where users look.

    Another noteworthy achievement was hosting the iPhone release pages. With billions of hits in only a few hours, we had to architect systems to handle these massive amounts of traffic.

  • Delta

    Also built with Expression Engine, this project was recognized by Aviation Week as offering one of the most useful tools to hit the aircraft maintenance industry. I built a custom parts catalog and service tool to allow aircraft owners to quickly lookup and schedule maintenance requests at their nearest service center, anywhere in the world.

    Users can also research static content related to training, certification, and information about Delta TechOps, based in Atlanta, GA.

  • Time Warner

    This project was created as a demo for Time Warner's smart home capabilities. Users can get a glimpse of some of the smart home offerings, and take a test drive to see how each work on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    Working in collaboration with our 3D modeling department, I created this UI on jQuery in combination with Dojo.

  • Realtree

    This was very complex project of mine, requiring a mobile web-app built on CodeIgniter and jQuery Mobile, integrated with a Drupal database. Understanding the Drupal DB schema was imperative for this project to be successful.

    Whether out in the field looking for struts near you, watching the migration of deer throughout the season, predicting fish behavior, reading hunting articles, or shopping for the latest camo gear, this web-app has been recognized by several hunting pros and magazines as one of the most useful tools for fellow huntsmen.

    * Must view from a mobile device to get mobile experience.
  • DryBar

    Originally a single store in Brentwood, CA, I helped Alli Webb and her brother Cameron get their online presence off the ground. Originally built with Flash, we later re-built it with jQuery and carried over almost all of it's original animations and content.

    DryBar is now all over the country and has been exploding ever since, with recurring appearances on top TV shows and in industry publications.

  • March of Dimes

    March for Babies. I love working for non-profits. Especially for a cause to help children. I put together several campaign pages, event pages and forms for March for Babies while at BKV, and those really do give you a sense of accomplishment no matter how small or large the task.

  • Bravura

    This is an on-going project for one of Georgia's premiere bridal shops. Bravura has been growing over the last couple of months, and their website stays in stride. Complete with an events/registration system, product and checkout flow, user accounts, social tools, magazine, blog, user photo galleries, and many other tools, this fashion site offers a bit more features than your average bridal shop website.

    Built with CodeIgniter, it is very fast, flexible and can take on any challenge. I also built a custom CMS and CRM that allows Bravura employees to manage every aspect of their site and end-user transactions.

  • Casting 4 A Cure

    Another non-profit, this is one that I was proud to be active with in their annual fly-fishing tournaments to raise awareness for Rhrett Syndrome. The owners have a true vision and a great cause, and I wish them the best of luck at finding a cure.

  • 360 Vodka

    One of my first projects while in Los Angeles, I was tasked with creating a new home page experience with a rotating carousel of Vodka flavors for Vodka360. Orginally in a circular rotation, it has sense been rebuilt in a linear direction, keeping the same aesthetics throughout.